Rosalind "Roz" Warren (born November 4, 1954) is a librarian and essayist who has edited over 20 women's humor collections, including a number of collections of newspaper and gag cartoons by women.

Roz founded and operated Laugh Lines Press to publish collections of cartoons by women. Laugh Lines published cartoon collections by Jennifer Camper, Isabella Bannerman, Stephanie Piro, Nancy Bea Miller, Rina Piccolo and one "token male", Vance Lemkuhl. Her humor, essays, profiles and stories have appeared in The Funny Times, Humor Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Good Housekeeping, Gay and Lesbian Review and The Christian Science Monitor. Links to her profiles of cartoonists Nina Paley and Isabella Bannerman, and review of books by Roz Chast and Liza Donnelly are available on her website.

Selected BibliographyEdit

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