Sex and Sensibility is a collection of cartoons and essays exploring sex, love, relationships, and feminism in the 21st century by ten prominent female New Yorker cartoonists. The collection was edited by Liza Donnelly and published by Twelve in 2008.

An exhibition of the same name was shown at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco from February 9 to June 8, 2008.

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Love. Desire. Sex. In Cartoons
Ten women examine the ups and downs of love and lust in the twenty-first century.
In the hilariously warped and fertile minds of cartoonists, desire is digital, porn is the norm, and nothing is taboo. Sex and Sensibility is a book of two hundred prescient cartoons, all by women, that capture the zeitgeist of sex and love today.
Like Jane Austen before them, these ten ladies of laugh are forging new ground on the subject of love. Most of these selections would never have been published ten years ago because they are too risque or tackle subject matter that hadn't been invented yet, like sex through texting. Each chapter sheds light on a different and timely aspect of the never-ending skirmish between men and women.
Sex and Sensibility features works by Liza Donnelly, Roz Chast, Signe Wilkinson, and many others. Eight of the ten contributing artists are regular contributors to The New Yorker, and two are Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists. The majority of contributions to this book have never been published before; alongside the cartoons are bios and personal essays from each humorist. Together, they offer a panoramic view of love and sex today, as well as insight into how women's thoughts on the subject have changed--and are being accepted--in recent years.
With keen eyes and sharp minds, these ten women have shown us ourselves--in love and in bed.



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