Sirrý Margrét Lárusdóttir is an Icelandic cartoonist from Hafnafjörður, Iceland. She works with Smári Pálmasson as the creative team Sirrý and Smári. Together, they write, design and draw a variety of different visual mediums from comics to animation to children's works to video games.

Sirrý usually works together with Smári on published work, though she is on occasion known to produce commissioned work by her lonesome. Of their published work, notable comic material by the pair includes the children's book Askur og Prinsessan (2010), The young adult graphic novel Vampíra (2012) And their online webcomic called Mía og Mjálmar (2013)

In January of 2014, in association with Grófin Culture House, Sirrý and Smári opened an art show, which featured large variety of their comic book works, some of which had been previously exclusive to their public Facebook page.