Spring is a German women's comics magazine, released annually every summer since 2004.


Issue 1Edit


Nachstellungen (Enactments)


Cover by Claudia Ahlering

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Issue 2Edit


Wandlungen (Changes)

Contributors Cover by Natalie Huth

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Issue 3Edit


special places

Places are everywhere. Until we explore them, they remain white spots on the outer or inner map. Only the presence of an observer is a place where a form, a shape and definition, only the view of a visitor makes a place special. We opened us to the places of memory, places the reality and the places of our dreams. This is our travelogue.


Cover by moki

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Issue 4Edit


Garten Eden (Garden of Eden)

In the Garden of Eden sitting under the palm trees of knowledge, a feisty Eve makes decisions beyond good and evil. Adam, meanwhile, saw the tree of life, while celebrating sin in the deep thicket of the forest itself. Whatever you want to call this auspicious Location: Paradise, Nirvana, Avalon ... Our ideas of them are to be found in this world.


Cover by Katharina Gschwendtner

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Issue 5Edit


Alter Ego

They are the sorts of others, we could be if we had taken a different turn here or there. They are, when we appeared, we would be silly, bible fixed, choleric, bold, energetic, scary, meaner. The fifth SPRING band collects dialogues with characters with whom we have daily handling, without ever coming across them on the track.


Cover by Carolin Löbbert

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Issue 6Edit


Verbrechen (Crime)

Lies, intrigues, theft, murder, blood and thunder – twelve artists strike again, and more recklessly than ever. The darkest SPRING of all!


Cover by Larissa Bertonasco

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Issue 7Edit


Happy Ending

"... And they lived happily ever after." "Not seriously, right?" "No, not seriously."

This issue received the ICOM Independent Comic Special Jury Prize "for a remarkable comic publication".


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Issue 8Edit


Familiensilber (Family Silver)

Not everything that you inherit, you want to have. This applies to the valuable but tarnished grandmother's silver cutlery just as it does to the predisposition to obesity or idleness. Each family has an infinite number of stories to tell, twelve of which are gathered in this volume.


Cover by Sophia Martineck

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Issue 9Edit

Reineke F. (frei nach Goethe) / Goethe's "Reynard the Fox"
"Reynard the Fox" deals with power, violence, guilt, intrigue, injustice and lies. It is about greed, ambition, fickleness, cowardice, stupidity and deceitfulness. Reynard is both a repelling and fascinating subject. Like its predecessors, this issue of SPRING is a narratively creative experiment in which each illustrator has enjoyed their own freedom of interpretation. Each of the 12 artists has reworked one chapter of Goethe's work. With English subtitles.


Cover by Romy Blümel

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Issue 10Edit

ABC of Tragedy
10 years of SPRING! 32 artists from eight countries create 250 pages filled with fateful stories about inevitable conflicts and tragic heroes. The ABC of trivial, absurd, mysterious, enchanting tragedies.


Cover by Anne Vagt

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Issue 11Edit



15 posters by 15 artists in a screenprinted slipcase (designed by Katharina Gschwendtner) PLUS booklet with texts by Teresa Präauer, Jochen Schmidt, Michael Weins, Tessa Müller, Benjamin Maack, and Katharina Hartwell.


Slipcase by Katharina Gschwendtner

Texts by:

  • Teresa Präauer
  • Jochen Schmidt
  • Michael Weins
  • Tessa Müller
  • Benjamin Maack
  • Katharina Hartwell

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"Best Of" ExhibitionEdit

Best of Spring
Venue: Der Oberösterreichische Kunstverein for Nextcomic Festival; Linz, Austria
Opened: March 8, 2012
Closed: March 29,2012

A "Best of Spring" exhibition was held from March 8 to March 29, 2012, at Der Oberösterreichische Kunstverein (The Upper Austrian Art Association) as part of the Nextcomic Festival in Linz, Austria.[1]

Featured Artists:

External LinksEdit

  1. "'Best of SPRING' in Linz!" blog post

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