Friends of Lulu Presents: Storytime is an anthology edited by Anne Chang-Blaeske and Phil Yeh as a fundraiser for Friends of Lulu.


Cover by Mary Wilshire

Introduction by Nicole Hollander

  • A Word From The President written by Liz Schiller, art by Mary Wilshire
  • Interior Illustrations by Bryan Talbot
  • Pi Force by Janet Hetherington
  • To Be A Fish by Jeremy Johnson
  • The Clockwork Family by Dave Roman
  • "Shhh" by Charlie Boatner
  • Renart And The Hams by Johane Matte
  • The Magic Closet written by Dave Marchman, art by John Douglas
  • Who's Da Man? by MariNaomi Schaal
  • The Hero Within written by Danny DeAngelo, art by Rob Smith, Jr.
  • Isle Concord Phaser Face by Tony Brandl
  • Dial I For Imagination written by Naomi Basner. art by Joan Hilty
  • Endless Comic by Tatiana Gill
  • Almost True Funnies by Eve Corbel
  • Shades Of Blue written by Jim Harris and Rachel Nacion, art by Dan Henrick
  • Blue Moon Adventures by Deborah Ginsberg
  • GoGirl! written by Trina Robbins, art by Anne Timmons
  • Slobs Of The World Unite! by Jen Sorensen
  • The Quiet Girl by Donna Barr
  • The Talking Boy by Donna Barr
  • The Artist And The Model by Lee Binswanger
  • How The World Ended In The Year 2000 by Nancy Husari
  • Out Of Their Depth written by Leah Adezio and Elayne Riggs, art by Leah Adezio
  • Of A Feather written by Elayne Riggs, art by Robin Riggs
  • Gwendolyn's by Fink
  • The Deer Flame Legacy by Talitha Nonveiller
  • Bronx and Tyro by Jacque Boivin
  • Adeline Marie by Julie Larson
  • Monkey Stuff by Pam Bliss
  • No Sense By The Seashore by Tobi Greenberg
  • A Dose Of Wisdom by W. A. Peabody
  • A Walk In The Park by Phil Yeh
  • Missing Faith by Michel Lacombe
  • Doggie and Jilly: Sad Day Sayings by Drew Boyton, inked by Larry Blake
  • Doggie and Jilly: Talk Show Trouble! by Drew Boyton, inked by Larry Blake
  • Doggie and Jilly: The Itsy, Bitsy... by Drew Boyton, inked by Larry Blake
  • Doggie and Jilly: Blue Hair by Drew Boyton, inked by Larry Blake
  • The Cop Out by Stephanie Gladden
  • Butterfly Lovers by Sharon Rudahl
  • Big-Headed Billy On Education by Jesse Valentine Yeh