Sue Flaxman
Born: November 17, 1962
Country: United States
Area(s): Writer, Editor
Web Presence

Sue Flaxman (born November 17, 1962) was a writer and editor for Marvel Comics from 1986 to 1992.

In recent years she has published two books, a 1930's period mystery novel Black Roses for Boom-Boom with co-author Shari Finkel, and a collection of offbeat erotica Zsuzannah's Bedroom, under the penname Zsuzannah BasReisa



  • Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #22, 30, 75
    • "Suffer a Wolf to Live"
    • "The Temper of a God"
    • "Charmed Lives!"
  • Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #1-2, 5
    • "Who Wants To Live Forever?"
    • "Secondhand Emotions"
    • "When Destiny Calls"
  • The Savage Sword Of Conan (1974) #178
    • "Chains"
  • Slimer! (1989) #14
    • "Haunted Melodies"


  • ALF Comics Magazine (1988) #1
  • Conan Saga (1987) #19-20
  • Marvel Graphic Novel: Conan of the Isles (1988)
  • Star Comics Magazine (1986) #12

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