Teresa Susan Challender (April 21, 1965), also known as Teri Sue Wood, is an American comic artist best known for her early-'90s Wandering Star series, which ran for 21 issues. She also created the strip The Cartoonist, which ran in Amazing Heroes magazine.

In 2008, she changed her birthname as a result of a troubled relationship with her mother and brother, and after finding out that her legal father was not her biological father. She took her new name from a beloved uncle.[1]

She is currently republishing her "Wandering Star" series as a monthly web comic. She is also planning a new series, "Darklight", which will be out December 2012 [2]

She currently lives in Forks, Washington, and her webcomic "Yet Untitled" is a light-hearted take on living in the real-life setting of the Twilight series.[3]

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