The Strumpet is the successor to Whores of Mensa. The logo was designed by Elliot Baggott.


Issue 1: The Dress-Up Issue!Edit

The Strumpet is a brand new comic from the creators of Whores of Mensa, uniting small press stars from the UK and the US in one glamorous package of comics goodness. Ellen Lindner did the cover for this inaugural issue, and there are some real goodies inside - brand new work by Mardou, Jeremy Day, Kripa Joshi, Tanya Meditzky, and many more. Also included are reviews of new comics by Badaude and J. Homersham, among others, and a short story by Philadelphia-based writer Katie Haegele.
The issue was funded through Kickstarter to $1,705 pledged of a $1,000 goal with 103 backers.[1]

Published November 2011

Cover by Ellen Lindner

Issue 2: The Travel IssueEdit

The Strumpet, a ladies' transatlantic comics magazine, brings together emerging talent from the US and UK, bridging the gap in our common linguistic culture.
Editrix Ellen says, "When I was living in the UK people always asked if anyone does comics there - and of course they do! With the Strumpet I'd like to introduce my US friends to my fave UK cartoonists, and vice versa."
This massive, 96 page black and white comic (#2, 2012) is themed around travel, and features work by Robin Ha, Julia Scheele, Emily Ryan Lerner, Alison Sampson, Ellen Lindner and many more. If you ever wanted to go the bottom of the ocean, ride the Italian rails, or follow Bill Murray around a film set, this is your chance!
The second Strumpet Kickstarter campaign received $2,134 of funding from 116 backers, surpassing its $1,200 goal by 177%.[2]

Published November 2012

Cover by Jeremy Day

Issue 3: The Tasty IssueEdit

The Strumpet is back for an epic third issue - and this time, the theme is 'tasty'. We asked creators new and returning what they found tasty - and we think you'll be as surprised as we were by the results. Food, sex, and, erm, opera are amongst the avenues of exploration chosen by our Strumpets - not that they stop there! Ever wonder where your street food comes from? Ever fancy a catfight between Sookie Stackhouse and Bella from Twilight? Well, then read on!
Why order now? With comics by Hannah Berry, Robin Ha, Hazel Newlevant, Colleen Frakes, Hayley Gold, Dre Grigoropol, Ellen Lindner, Kripa Joshi, Jennifer Hayden, Freya Harrison, Becky Hawkins, and many more; an interview with foodie comix queen Sarah Becan and a beefy review section bursting with comics we love and loathe, everyone's fave transatlantic lady annual is better than ever.
PLUS! Color endpapers by British knitting artists Deadly Knitshade.
The Kickstarter campaign to fund issue 3 attracted 106 backers who pledged $2,051.[3]

Published November 2013

Cover by Kripa Joshi

Issue 4: The Friendship IssueEdit

This latest installment is all about lady friends -- from best friends forever to friend with a question mark. Our fourth issue explores the highs, the lows, the joys, the sorrows, the awesomeness and the awkwardness of female friendship. Come for the sexual tensions, sibling rivalries, and other miscellaneous dramatics! Stay for the heartwarming resolutions, and for the sharing of fried foodstuffs. We're aiming for 50+ pages of comics, reviews, and interviews - this issue's interview subject is Robot Dreams and Bake Sale author Sara Varon.
On Kickstarter, 73 backers pledged $1,304 to publish issue 4.[4]

Published January 2015

Cover by Ellen Lindner

Issue 5: Origin Stories Edit

Despite ENORMOUS progress made by women in comics in the last two decades, we still feel that there’s a bit of a lag between the number of women we know who are doing comics (a lot) and those who are getting published regularly (not always a lot). At the end of the day, we can all use another deadline, and a prompt to do new and interesting work. And that’s where The Strumpet comes in.
The theme for this issue is Origin Stories, and our artists have dug deep! They've answered questions like, where did you come from? How did the stuff you love or hate begin? How did we get here (particularly relevant in this year of massive political change)? Renaissances and re-inventions of all kind are also on view, from all over the world.
The issue 5 Kickstarter campaign raised $2,769 with 126 backers.[5]

Published September 2017

Cover by Glynnis Fawkes

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