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Tina Anderson
Birth Name: Tina Kolesnik
Born: January 7, 1971
Country: United States
Area(s): Writer
Notable Work: Games With Me, Loud Snow, Only Words
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Tina Anderson (Tina Kolesnik b. 1971) is a comics and graphic novels writer that emerged during the initial OEL manga/yaoi publisher boom of 2006. She is credited with coining the term "GloBL", to better define yaoi/BL works created outside of Japanese culture. Anderson's work includes male homoerotic fan comics, graphic novels for gay men, and 'yaoi' for women.

Her circle (fan production) affiliations were Studio Plugn' Play (2003-2007), and Elegant Madness (2006-2009), while her original works were published in the USA by Yaoi Press, Dramaqueen, Radio City Comics, and the defunct publisher Iris Print; in Canada by Class Comics, and in Germany by Fireangels Verlag and Cursed Side Publishing.

Tina Anderson no longer writes erotic comics, but continues to produce original novels, through her personal production house, Gynocrat Ink.


  • Games With Me Omnibus GN (2011)
  • Loud Snow GN (2010)
  • Ungestellt (OGL/Short) Lemon Law 2 (2009)
  • Only Words GN (2007)
  • Roulette (Series) Rush Magazine (2006)
  • In Motion (OEL/Short) When Worlds Collide (2006)
  • Closed Flower (OEL/Short) Saihôshi the Guardian (2006)
  • Snow Demon (OEL/Short) Enslaved by the Dragon (2006)
  • King's Masterpiece (OEL/Short) Yaoi Hentai (2005)
  • Diplomatic Immunity (Single Issue) (2005)

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