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Tomoyo Hayakawa
Born: March 4
Country: Japan
Notable Work: The Wallflower

Tomoko Hayakawa (はやかわ ともこ, Hayakawa Tomoyo) is a Japanese artist and writer, best known for her ongoing manga The Wallflower, which has spawned both an anime and a live action series.


  • Motetaku Nai no (1997)
  • Ousama no Tamago (1997)
  • Kirei na Otokonoko (1999)
  • The Wallflower | Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge (2000 - ongoing)
  • Dengeki Love Machine (2001)
  • Risou no Kao wo Motsu Otoko (2001)
  • Kirei ni Nareru H (2002)
  • Zokuzoku Shichauno (2002)
  • Genshoku Tsundere Danshi Himitsu no Kareshi (2010)

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