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Publication date March 2012
Unladylike is an anthology by Ladydrawers.


  • Julie Doucet by Abraham Lampert
  • Mansplaining by Nicole Boyett
  • Stanley Ebert Accidentally Discusses Laura Mulvey by Sarah Samways
  • On Danforth's Obstetrics and Gynecology by Rachel Swanson
  • Silence by Emily Barta
  • The Veil by Emily Barta
  • Mystery Postcards Hit Mailboxes by Nicole Boyett and Sarah Welch
  • An Interview with Gabrielle Bell by Sarah Samways
  • Where Are All the Girls? by Nicole Boyett
  • Selected Answers to a Question about Personal Relationships by Sarah Welch and Abraham Lampert
  • Timeline by Pat Guizzetti
  • Excerpts from an Interview with Lynda Barry by Abraham Lampert
  • Pink Kitten by Sarah Welch
  • Alison Bechdel by Pat Guizzetti
  • Critics Corner by Pat Guizzetti and Sarah Samways
  • You Are Not Alone by Rachel Swanson
  • Carbuncle Bingo
  • Crimefighting Cleavage [Bingo]
  • Opportunities for Women in Independent Comics
  • Surveys on using female-gendered names professionally
  • Anatomy of a Ladydrawer

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