Valerie Gallaher is an American comic book writer and editor. She worked as an assistant editor at Acclaim and DC Comics. At Acclaim Comics she helped edit Shadowman and Magnus Robot Fighter and at DC Comics she assisted on such titles as Justice League of America and Identity Crisis.

After her two and a half year stint with Acclaim Entertainment under the direction of editors such as Madeleine Robins, Evan Skolnick, and Fabian Nicieza, D'Orazio joined the DC Comics staff in 2000 as Coordinator in their Creative Services department. In March 2002, she was promoted to assistant editor for Editorial Art Director Mark Chiarello.

As a writer for Marvel Comics, she wrote X-Men: Origins: Emma Frost, Punisher: Butterfly, Girl Comics, and X-Men Evolutions.

She was the editor-in-chief of subsidiary MTV Geek, a blog that covers comics, video games, and geek culture, for most of its existence.


Acclaim ComicsEdit

  • The Tick - A World Full of Pain(t), (assistant editor)
  • Darque Passages, (assistant editor)
  • Shadowman, (assistant editor)
  • Magnus: Robot Fighter, (assistant editor)

DC ComicsEdit

  • Aquaman, 4th Series - Ongoing Series, #1-4 (assistant editor)
  • Catwoman: Selina's Big Score, (assistant editor)
  • Batman: Black and White, Volume II, (assistant editor)
  • The New Frontier - Limited Series, #1-6 (assistant editor)
  • Identity Crisis - Limited Series, (assistant editor)
  • JLA - Ongoing Series, #91-99 (assistant editor)
  • JLA: Scary Monsters - Limited Series, #1-6 (assistant editor)
  • JSA: All Stars - Limited Series, (assistant editor)
  • Justice League Elite - Limited Series, (assistant editor)
  • Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, (editor)
  • Rose and Thorn, (assistant editor)
  • Hawkman, (assistant editor)

Marvel ComicsEdit

  • Punisher MAX: Butterfly (one-shot)
  • X-Men Origins: Emma Frost (one-shot)
  • Girl Comics (mini-series)

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