Vanyda (born October 8, 1979) is the pen-name of Vanyda Savatier, a Laotian-French comics writer and artist.

Savatier was born in Castelnaudary, France, and graduated from the Beaux Arts in Tournai, Belgium, where she focused on comics. With several fellow students, she founded the association Bom Bom Prod, and launched the fanzine Le Porophore. Her stories for this fanzine were collected in an album by Bom Bom Prod. After her graduation, she took part in collective projects for the publisher Pétit à Pétit, and began the series L'Année du Dragon with François Duprat at Éditions Carabas. In 2004, Vanyda wrote and drew L'Immeuble d'en Face at the publishing house La Boîte à Bulles.

The first volume of L'Année du Dragonwon the prix de "la chaise du diable" (the prize for first album) at the 2003 festival de Collonges la Rouge, and the "prix spécial du jury" at the 2003 festival de Colomiers. The first volume of L'Immeuble d'en Face was nominated for the Prize for First Comic Book at the 2005 Angoulême International Comics Festival and won the Best Album prize at the 2004 festival de Darnétal. The English edition of L'Immeuble d'en Face ("The Building Opposite") was named the best manga of 2006 by Publishers' Weekly and received an honorable mention at the New York Book Festival 2007. In 2007, the second volume of L'Immeuble d'en face won the award for best album at the festival in Reims.


  • Celle que je voudrais être (2009)
  • Celle que je ne suis pas (2008)
  • L'Année du Dragon complete edition (2008)
  • L'immeuble d'en face tome 2 (2007)
  • Corée (2006)
  • L’Année du Dragon tome 3 "Kim" (with F.Duprat) (2005)
  • L’Année du Dragon tome 2 "Bernadette" (with F.Duprat) (2004)
  • L’Immeuble d’en Face (complete version) (2004)
  • L’Année du Fragon tome 1 "Franck" (scénario F.Duprat) (2003)
  • L’Immeuble d’en Face » (Self-published) (2002)
  • "Crache ton Venin" in Chansons de Téléphone en Bandes dessinées (2002)
  • "Les Mômes de la Cloches" in Chansons d’Édith Piaf en Bandes dessinées (2001)
  • PoRoPhore #1-10 (2000-2005)


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