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Vera Cerutti (April 13, 1906 - Oct 1983)[1] was an editor for Crossen's Spark Publications, often along with associate editor Augusta Simon. Her first credits appear in Spark's April 1946 issues.

By 1949, Cerutti was an editor-in-chief of World Editions, the New York office of Italian publisher, Edizione Mondiale. She approached the former Crossen managing editor H.L. Gold for guidance on how to produce a magazine, which he provided. World Editions took a heavy loss on Fascination, its first attempt to launch a US magazine, and Cerutti returned to Gold asking for recommendations for new titles.

Gold knew about The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, a digest launched in the fall of 1949, but felt that there was still room in the market for another serious science fiction magazine. World Editions agreed, hired Gold as the editor, and the first issue of Galaxy appeared in October 1950, on which Cerutti also served as managing editor.[2]


  • Atoman #2
  • Golden Lad #4-5


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