Whores of Mensa was an anthology, founded by Jeremy Dennis, (Sacha) Mardou, and Lucy Sweet, edited by Mardou, built on her desire to have an underground anthology which allowed creators room to stretch instead of trying to cram as many creators into an issue as possible.[1] Lucy Sweet left after issue 1 after having a baby.

Issue 5 abandoned the original "few creators" ethos for a "Grand Party" issue. After issue 5, the title evolved into The Strumpet.


Issue 1Edit

Published August 2004


  • The Society of Dead Poets by Jeremy Dennis
  • Justin Timberlake Laid My Laminate by Lucy Sweet
  • Unpopular Ringtones/How Arguments Start/Short-Lived Restaurants/Proposed new National Beverages by Lucy Sweet
  • Writers' and Artists' Guide by Lucy Sweet
  • The Nigella Complex/The Beauty Myth by Lucy Sweet
  • What Would Martha Do by Lucy Sweet
  • Hipster Preoccupations by Mardou
  • Dojo of Love by Mardou
  • Stilettos Baby by Mardou
  • Fahrenheit 50/50 by Mardou

The SeaEdit



  • The Little Mermaid by Jeremy Dennis
  • The Love Aquatic by Mardou
  • Mermaid Matinée Presents: Somewhere by Ellen Lindner

The HaremEdit

Published Summer 2007


  • Jeremy Dennis
  • Mardou
  • Ellen Lindner

Les Dames de ParisEdit

Published Winter/Spring 2009


  • Les Chthulettes by Jeremy Dennis
  • Lee Miller: Voyage d'une Vie by Ellen Lindner
  • Anaïs in Paris by Mardou
  • An Interview with Vanessa Davis
  • Today by Jeremy Dennis
  • Paris was... by Ellen Lindner

Grand Party EditionEdit


Published September 2010.


External LinksEdit


  1. A Short History of Whores of Mensa and The Strumpet

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