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Womanthology: Space
Published by IDW Publishing
ISBN 9781613776070
Womanthology: Space is the first miniseries of the ongoing Womanthology series published by IDW Publishing. The first issue was released in September 2012.[1]

Issue 1: "Moon"Edit

Womanthology: Space, the follow up to the hit Kickstarter project, Womanthology: Heroic, starts off with the first of five out-of-this-world issues: Moon. Each issue contains three 6-page stories, plus pinups, how-tos, and more, by women of all ages and experience. Check out a haunted space station, a snarky robot, and so much more in this debut issue.

Published September 2012

Cover by Renae De Liz

Lettered by Rachel Deering

Issue 2: "Aliens"Edit

In the second issue of the groundbreaking series,we take a look at all sorts of "aliens". From Blair Butler and Alicia Fernandez's inspiring tale of the first female astronaut, to the oddity of finding out what your co-workers REALLY are in a fun and creepy piece by Joelle Sellner and Jean Kang, it's a weird wide world out there. And down here.

Published October 2012

Covers by Hanie Mohd

Lettered by Rachel Deering

Official Preview

Issue 3: "Ship"Edit

You can’t travel through space without a ship, and these three stories take you on three very different adventures. Dreamy, creepy, and just plain fun, explore the infinite in this strange and galactic issue!

Published December 2012

Cover by Mengtian Zhang and Hanie Mohd

Lettered by Robbie Robbins

Official Preview

Issue 4Edit

Let the stories shine bright in the penultimate issue of the acclaimed Womanthology: Space series. Traveling past the far reaches of the universe, these three tales explore what it means to be alone, lost, and reaching for the stars.

Published January 2013

Cover by Lois Van Baarle

Issue 5Edit

The final issue of Womanthology: Space is here, and it’s a doozy. Each “tail” zooms into another galaxy as we follow stories of longing, love, and becoming who you’re meant to be. This issue is out of this world, don’t miss it!

Published February 2013

Cover by Hanie Mohd


  1. "IDW Announces Womanthology Ongoing" press release, 19 Mar 2012.

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