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About the Women In Comics Wiki

Welcome to the Women in Comics wiki! We aim to be the leading source of information on women in all comics forms and all artistic roles throughout history. Join us in building and growing this wiki! Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started, or explore these categories:

652 articles have been created since January 22, 2011

Comics have long been a male-dominated field, but they have never been exclusively male. Female creators have been around since the beginning, as writers, artists, editors, even owners of comic book publishers. Women are still growing in prominence in today's market, though they're still in the minority. We wanted an area independent of any other wiki or database to really focus on women's contributions to comics. In addition, we recognize that not all female creators (as well as male) count as "notable" by the Other Wiki's standards, and this is a place where they can be included regardless.

Everything involving female creators and comics, from all over the world and throughout history. Every creative role-- writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, and editors; Every comics form-- Comic books/graphic novels, manga, newspaper strips, webcomics. It all belongs here.

Everything. Add pages about your favorite creators. Record the history of women in comic books, comic strips, gag cartoons, editorial cartoons, or manga. Make a page about female comics creators from your country. Visit the Stubs category and see which articles need help. Consult the Grand Comics Database, Lambiek Comiclopedia, Who's Who of American Comic Books 1929-1999, and ComicBookDB for ideas and research. Please check out the rules and style guide before you get started.

First of all, welcome! We wouldn't be here without you! Since this wiki is an ongoing process you may or may not yet have a page on here. While we do not have any set policy on people adding or editing their own page, we do ask that if you do, please be objective. Blatant self-promotion will be removed and multiple offenses may result in your account/IP getting banned or even your page deleted entirely. If you don't think you can be objective, and you can't get someone else to do it for you, you can fill out this form. (All fields except Professional Name and Notable Works are optional, so don't feel obligated or daunted by all the questions.)

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