Xia Da (夏达; born April 4, 1981) is a Chinese comic artist most known for her three-volume series Zi Bu Yu, which won the gold medal in the Fifth Golden Dragon Award.


  • Afternoon (2009)
  • Chang Ge Xing (長歌行; 2011)
    • Sequel: Shiyi Lu (拾遗录; 2017)
  • Eternal Moment (将爱情进行到底 | Jiāng àiqíng jìnxíng dàodǐ; 2011)
  • Fairytale of Winter (冬日童话 | Dōngrì tónghuà)
  • Peony Pavilion (游园惊梦 | Yóuyuán jīng mèng; 2008)
  • Wings
  • Zi Bu Yu (子不语; 2009)


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